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A lucky Melbourne family of four will be a test case for all Australian households after being given the opportunity of a lifetime - to live rent free for 12 months without the stress of soaring energy bills, after being selected by Mirvac to participate in its Australian-first House with No Bills experiment.

Following a unique selection process that drew applicants from across Victoria, the Zimmerman family of Dingley Village has been chosen to live in the high-tech prototype suburban house at Mirvac’s $130 million Jack Road development in Cheltenham.


Police officer Rob, 38, nursing student Lisa, 35 and their two teenage children, Cam, 15, and Alyssa, 14, will move into the three-bedroom House with No Bills in July.

It is a life changing move for the family who have long dreamed of a year of rent-free living in order to save up to buy their first home.

They are thrilled to be moving into the House with No Bills and having the opportunity to help the environment while saving for a deposit for a home of their own.

“For us, it’s a dream come true – living rent-free for a year, striving to eliminate energy bills and saving the planet while we’re at it. We hope that this will help us save for our first home and give our family a stable home base,” said mum Lisa.


“We aren’t sustainability warriors but, like many families on a budget, we do what we can to save energy. We try to make small changes where possible that may impact the environment – I’m notorious in winter for telling the kids to put an extra jumper on when it’s cold, rather than turn on the heater!

“We really look forward to working with Mirvac, the research team and sustainability partners to share our experience and hope that it helps create a better environmental future for everyone in the long run.”

To be chosen for the experiment, applicants had to fulfill a range of criteria including being a key worker family of four, and submit a video on why they would be the perfect family.


Four shortlisted families were then interviewed by a panel comprising Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, CEO and Managing Director of Mirvac, Emlyn Keane, CEO of Evergen, Romilly Madew, CEO of Green Building Council of Australia and Stan Krpan, CEO of Sustainability Victoria.

Mirvac CEO and Managing Director, Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, said the company was thrilled to have found the perfect family to be part of the project.

“This experiment is life-changing not only for the Zimmerman family, but also for Mirvac. It will help us towards our goal of bringing bill-free sustainable living to the Australian market at an affordable price,” she said.

“We are very pleased to have such an energetic and excited family in the Zimmerman’s on board and would like to thank all of our applicants who took the time to apply.”


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