Energy saving hacks for warmer weather

If you're looking to live more sustainably this spring, lowering your energy output is a good place to start.

The Zimmerman family has learnt some useful sustainable living hacks since moving into the House with No Bills. Here, Lisa Zimmerman shares the easy things they do at home to help reduce household electricity bills when the weather warms up.

"When we first moved into the House with No Bills, we didn't realise that a few simple changes can make a difference when it comes to the total amount of our energy bill.

It's easy to take the steps towards living a lower energy lifestyle when you know how. Here are my top tips on ways you can power down and save.

Cool it

We didn’t realise at first, but every degree lower you set your air conditioner could be adding more to your power bill. On warm days, we set our thermostat to 24 degrees, as we find this is the optimal temperature and strikes the perfect balance of comfort and cost.

Be a fan of fans

Instead of going straight for the air conditioner remote, use a fan first – it will keep you cool and costs 95% less than running an air conditioner. Air conditioners use approximately 20 times more energy than a pedestal or ceiling fan.

Insulate, insulate, insulate!

This one is simple but very effective. To help prevent a room heating up, try drawing blinds or closing curtains, to keep the sun out and maintain a cooler room temperature. This ensures you won't have to turn on the air conditioning straight away.

Clean it and save money

Cleaning your air conditioner filter can help save money on energy bills in the long run. If left to gather dust and dirt, it can end up costing more energy to power the unit, so it's worth cleaning it a few times each year.

Use a timer

Another great way to save money on energy bills is to keep your air conditioning unit running on a timer. Try setting a timer to only run when you really need it, like first thing in the morning, or in the evenings.